There are different kinds of freedom.


Emotional Freedom

A few examples of emotional barriers:

  • do you feel ashamed of the way you look, things that are in your past, or your set of talents?
  • do you struggle with depression or lack hope?
  • do you feel like you’re not good enough?
  • do you feel compelled to look to other people for validation and decision making?
  • do you experience feelings of rejection and insecurity?

Wouldn’t emotional freedom be wonderful?

  • you have confidence in your own beautiful story and uniqueness
  • you are able to see beyond circumstances and setbacks and look to the future with eager anticipation
  • you are able to recognize your abilities and see yourself as valuable
  • you have the strength to rely on your own capabilities
  • you can handle rejection and still be ok with who you are


Relational Freedom

A few examples of relational barriers:

  • do feel emotionally stuck in a relationship?
  • do feel like someone else is controlling your life?
  • do you often feel emotionally dependent on others?
  • do you feel constant drama in your relationships?
  • do you have trouble finding your voice in a relationship?

Wouldn’t relational freedom be wonderful?

  • you have mutually healthy relationships
  • you feel free to make your own decisions
  • you don’t need others to feel good about yourself
  • your relationships are steady and consistent
  • you are able to speak up for yourself


Spiritual Freedom

A few examples of spiritual barriers:

  • do you feel that in order to please God, you have to follow a set of rules?
  • do you feel bound by the expectations of family or a faith community?
  • do you feel spiritually stuck?
  • do you feel like you need to appease God?
  • do you lack faith about your life and how your circumstances fit with the future?

Wouldn’t spiritual freedom be wonderful?

  • your relationship with your God is about a relationship, and not the rules
  • you are free to listen to God
  • you are excited about where your relationship with God is going
  • you believe and know that God loves you
  • you trust that everything belongs


Intellectual Freedom

A few examples of intellectual barriers:

  • do you feel repressed in a job situation?
  • do you feel held back because you’re a woman?
  • do you doubt your intellectual capabilities?
  • do you feel stifled by comments from authority figures?
  • do you find previous failures holding you back?
  • do your thoughts negatively impact you?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience intellectual freedom?

  • you’re able to follow your career ambitions
  • you believe you can do anything you want as a woman
  • you have a healthy and realistic confidence in your abilities
  • you are able to follow your dreams in spite of past criticisms
  • you use your failures as a springboard to future success
  • your thoughts about yourself are positive and true


PHysical freedom

A few examples of physical barriers:

  • are you being held against your will?
  • are you being threatened by someone else?
  • do you feel unsafe in any relationship?
  • are you being physically abused?
  • do you struggle with your body image?
  • do you feel like your physical health is out of control?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience physical freedom?

  • you have freedom to come and go as you please
  • you have power to remove the threat from your life
  • you only have relationships that are free from fear
  • you are able to escape the abusive relationship
  • you have a healthy acceptance of your body
  • you pursue options for healthy change


Financial Freedom

A few examples of financial barriers:

  • you feel stuck because of a lack of money
  • you have trouble managing your finances
  • you frequently spend beyond your means
  • you have a large amount of debt
  • you are caught up in a gambling addiction
  • you have an obsession with money

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience financial freedom?

  • you have adequate means to support yourself
  • you are able to successfully budget your money
  • you are able to control your spending
  • you have a reasonable plan to pay off your debt
  • you are released from the pull of gambling
  • your finances are not the center of your life